Submission Guidelines

When submitting articles, stories and papers for consideration for the Journal, please use the following guidelines.

Avoid straight opinion pieces, or "Frankenpapers" that consist mostly of quotes from other sources. We are looking for original research papers on history, symbolic analysis and interpretation, events, architecture, biographies, ritual, etc. We also consider poetry and fiction.

Please note that original work that has not already appeared elsewhere is preferred.  If your article has been previously published, please include a full publishing history.

• Microsoft Word documents only
• Times New Roman font in 12 point
• No formatting, custom margins, indents, headers/footers, etc.
• Do NOT embed illustrations/images in your Word document. List a figure/photo reference and send the graphic as a separate file.
• Endnotes should cite all sources. Please use Chicago Manual of Style formatting for all endnotes and bibliography references. An online version of the CMS can be found at Endnote sourcing needs to be complete—full author name, full title of the book, year of publication, name of publisher, city where the publisher is based, page numbers used. Other rules apply to magazine articles, newspaper stories, Internet sources, etc. (see Chicago Manual of Style quick-guide for details). Triple-check all spelling of names, titles of documents, and other pertinent info.

Photos: Take advantage of our full-color capabilities to submit your photography of lodges, events, jewels, artifacts, and artwork.

• Peoples' faces need to be shown clearly, with well lighted subjects, and in focus.
• JPGs or TIFFs are preferred. Our ultimate publication needs are 300 dpi at the size the image is to appear in print, so a small 72 dpi image from your website cannot be used. If in doubt, always send us the image bigger than it needs to appear.
• Images that you do not own, or not in the public domain will be rejected, unless accompanied by written permission to reprint by the image owner.

Send all submissions to the Editorial Board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

And be sure to submit your news and events as well.  Our calendar submissions address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Remember, the Journal can only be as good as the articles we have to print.


Policy for reprinting articles published in The Journal: These guidelines apply to the reuse of articles, figures, charts and photos in the Journal of The Masonic Society. Authors need NOT contact the Journal to obtain rights to reuse their own material. Authors are automatically granted permission to do the following:

• Reuse the article in print collections of their own writing.
• Present a work orally in its entirety; Use an article in a thesis and/or dissertation.
• Reuse a figure, photo and/or table in future commercial and noncommercial works.
• Post a copy of the article electronically.

Please note that Authors must include the following citation when using material that appeared in the Journal: “This article was originally published in The Journal of The Masonic Society. Author(s). Title. Journal Year; Issue:pp-pp. © the Journal of The Masonic Society.” Apart from Author’s use, no material appearing in the Journal of The Masonic Society may be reprinted or electronically distributed without the written permission of the Editor.

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